Why am I here?

Depending on who you interpret “I” to mean there, the title could be asking why the author is here writing or why you are here reading. Either way, this post will answer the question.

I am going on a trip to South Africa mid January and I want to be able to share my experiences with you. There are a whole lot of people I want to keep in contact with and tell about my adventures but you either live too far away or we’re too busy having other adventures to talk about ones past. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this going into the future beyond the trip I have planned but for now shall we just talk about South Africa? Ok.

Where to start? Details about the trip? Alright, I’ll be leaving mid January and returning a month later. The first two weeks will be volunteering in a rural village on a community development project focusing mostly on schools. This is the main point of the trip but considering how many moneys go into air fares I figure it’s worth having some fun while I’m there. So the other two weeks will be “Adventure Tour”. Then a couple of days at the end staying with a friend who lives in South Africa now. The whole thing is organised by the International Student Volunteers (ISV) and I can also get academic credit towards my course. Fun fun.

But yes, why am I writing this as a blog? I’m not a huge sharer on facebook plus I just don’t feel like that is the place to write big long chunks of text. In this medium here I already feel like I’m writing an introduction to a novel. It’s not a novel, but it is a narrative and not just a snapshot of what I do in passing.


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