Who is Me? What is this place?

This blog is not a place for personal details so to the casual observer that should be sufficient. To those who do know me, you may appreciate the subtle word play.

My aim with this blog is for people who I already know to learn a little more about what I do in a general sense. To this end, I shan’t include names or faces. If it all works as intended then readers will be lead to ask more specific questions to me in person, over Facebook, or even in comments at the end of the post.

Now that that’s cleared up, let me tell you some general background information about who I am and why I do what I do. This is aimed at family I only see at Christmas, friends I used to see often but now only rarely, and the dear friends who I get so I excited to see I skip over some important details.

I’m studying a Bachelor of Science, specialising in Environmental Science and I’ve just finished second year. I’ve been interested in the environment generally for as long as I can remember and by the end of primary school I knew I liked science. High school brought the opportunity to participate in World Vision’s 40hr Famine. But I am not one to do anything by halves so I ended up running the World Vision club at my high school. I learned more about what poverty is and a seed was planted that grew into passion for aid. As high school crept to a close a few things became clear. World Vision claims a Christian tag line but doesn’t see it through to bringing the life saving message to the field. I felt called by God to bring His Word to the nations through developmental aid. This is just what I’ve found and I’m happy to be proved wrong if you know of contrary evidence.


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