Will it work? (Waiting to leave)

There are now less days in a week than days remaining before I leave.

As expected, I am feeling excited and nervous but also hopeful. I’ve just read a great article by human rights consultant Michael Hobbes about international aid effectiveness. The main point I got out of it is that not all solutions work everywhere. The examples were things like how some villages might really need a water pump whereas that would be a waste in another village whose main problem is worms. The medication might even be cheaper.

What I’m hoping is that ISV has taken the money I gave them and done enough research to decide that what is needed where we’re going is for a bunch of Aussie uni students to come in and build stuff.

Please pray that our work will be effective, money well spent and lots of learning done.

Here’s the article, it’s worth the read: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/120178/problem-international-development-and-plan-fix-it


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